Investment and Infrastructure
The problem with our taxes is that we RECEIVE TOO LITTLE from Frankfort for what we pay. Louisville Metro only receives back from Frankfort approximately .40-.45 cents for every tax dollar we send to the state.  We are taxed enough, and it is time for Frankfort to work for Metro.

As Louisville is the single biggest economic engine in the state we must demand more “investment” in our community to increase our capacity of infrastructure which spurs greater economic growth. This leads to more jobs, more income for you and more opportunities for a stronger more vibrant Louisville. I will fight to secure better funding for roads to ease traffic congestion, water-systems, waste-water plants, storm sewer drainage systems, green spaces and public transportation. All of which are very attractive to high-paying tech companies and workers.

Frankfort takes our taxes and sends it out to the rest of the state, but does not send it back to Louisville Metro where it is most needed. Without such investment Louisville will continue to lose out to cities like Cincinnati and Nashville on economic opportunities like the 50,000 jobs and $5 BILLIONS in development that Amazon plans for their new HQ2 site.

State Pension System
The Governor is correct. The pension system is in crisis. However, his solutions are old, tired and nothing new. All of the proposals have been tried before. And they are NOT working. We need new ideas and innovative thinking to fix the issue; not rehashed failed ideas from the past.

The first rule of business is ‘follow the money’. We need new revenue streams. Every entrepreneur knows you cannot cut your way to profitability, and you must find new markets, products and services to GROW your company.

I support and will work to fix our state pension system through funding from other new sources of tourism attraction.  New sources of revenue for Louisville Metro include the following:

  • Allowing our race tracks to provide expanded gambling venues (Racino’s)
  • Medical marijuana
  • Increased hemp production

All of these, and others, should be on the table as new market revenue streams.

Cutting benefits and raising our Police retirement age will not work.

Businesses do not turn down new money-making opportunities when presented if they are a viable business opportunity; and neither should government.

As your representative with an entrepreneurial background and spirit, I will find those new markets and revenue streams without raising retirement ages or cutting pension benefits to fix this problem.

A strong well-educated workforce is another big attraction for high-paying jobs for our children.

ALL of Kentucky’s universities and technical schools must be affordable. We are burdening too many of our middle-class students with crushing life-long debt for their continued education.

I will fight to find the money to bring back into our community so that all of our Kentucky children have the opportunity for affordable higher education. Not just those who are eligible for need-based grants and aid.

Using *new* sources of revenue provide tax incentives for businesses to attract new, well-educated employees through an employer-provided:

  • Student Loan payback benefit program.

We can provide businesses with a huge benefit program for their employees which can attract and retain our best and brightest in the community.

Strong, vibrant communities are built on diversity. I will strongly oppose racial, ethnic, gender, and religious discrimination. I support fair and equal economic opportunity. I support providing greater opportunities for people who have different physical or mental abilities through workplace integration.

I also strongly support and will actively look to sponsor bills for full Pay Equity for women employed in state and local government sectors, and look to use tax incentives for companies operating in Kentucky to meet the highest standards of gender and pay equity.  I will also look to sponsor better and stronger policies and programs to end violence against women; and look to help establish job re-entry programs for women with children who want to restart their paying careers either part-time or full-time.

Having worked in the Department of Environmental Protection, I have an intimate knowledge of the challenges our state faces with regards to safe drinking water, coal mine impact mitigation, runaway algal blooms and other environmental issues.

In many growing economies, there is a direct relationship to safe and vibrant ecosystems and community financial wealth.

The health of our families and the strength of our economy depend on the wise use of our land, air and water.

I reject the false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy environment; a cleaner environment means a stronger economy.   In our district, The Parklands of Floyds Fork is THE last natural remaining wilderness area in Metro Louisville that must be protected from unbounded development.  We need structured urban planning to support growth while at the same time providing a retreat to wildlife that ties us to the earth.

I will fight to strengthen the laws that ensure Kentuckians have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

I will work to protect our precious natural resources while advocating their appropriate use to provide clean, safe water and air for our people and wildlife and find new opportunities to meet our housing and energy needs.