Having worked in the Department of Environmental Protection, I have an intimate knowledge of the challenges our state faces with regards to safe drinking water, coal mine impact mitigation, runaway algal blooms and other environmental issues.

In many growing economies, there is a direct relationship to safe and vibrant ecosystems and community financial wealth.

The health of our families and the strength of our economy depend on the wise use of our land, air and water.

I reject the false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy environment; a cleaner environment means a stronger economy.  In our district, The Parklands of Floyds Fork is THE last natural remaining wilderness area in Metro Louisville that must be protected from unbounded development.  We need structured urban planning to support growth while at the same time providing a retreat to wildlife that ties us to the earth.

I will fight to strengthen the laws that ensure Kentuckians have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

I will work to protect our precious natural resources while advocating their appropriate use to provide clean, safe water and air for our people and our wildlife and find new opportunities to meet our housing and energy needs.