The problem with our taxes is that we RECEIVE TOO LITTLE from Frankfort for what we pay. Louisville Metro only receives back from Frankfort approximately .40-.45 cents for every tax dollar we send to the state.  We are taxed enough, and it is time for Frankfort works for Metro.

As Louisville is the single biggest economic engine in the state we must demand more “investment” in our community to increase our capacity of infrastructure which spurs greater economic growth. This leads to more jobs, more income for you and more opportunities for a stronger more vibrant Louisville. I will fight to secure better funding for roads to ease traffic congestion, water-systems, waste-water plants, storm sewer drainage systems, green spaces and public transportation. All of which are very attractive to high-paying tech companies and workers.

Frankfort takes our taxes and sends it out the rest of the state, but does not send it back to Louisville Metro where it is most needed. Without such investment Louisville will continue to lose out to cities like Cincinnati and Nashville on economic opportunities.