Who are the Professional Working Class?

I have been asked many times to whom I am referring when I talk about the “Professional Working Class“. And why student loan debt is such a huge crisis.  Here is an article that tells you who that is.

As you can read in the article the Professional Working Class are the middle class white collar workers who have post-secondary education degrees, (anyone graduating beyond high school).  They have adhered to the American Dream that hard-work, good education and dedication is the pathway to success.  Yet our leaders have failed them in providing fiscally obtainable opportunities for career development; and as a result we are essentially creating an entire generation of a highly educated workforce burdened into indentured servitude.

The future of America is based on our growing an educated workforce.  The “Professional Working Class”.  But with the average student loan debt of nearly $40,000 nationwide , the middle class is quickly becoming the working poor.  The GOP is fond of talking about the horrors of “debt” and “deficits” for governments being passed on to “future generations” but the real debt issue is the crushing personal debt and cost of education for professionals who are the future of our cities, states and country.  And our leaders show no concern in addressing this issue.

We need solutions like using tax incentives as Employee Benefit pass-through to help the Professional Working Class get out of that downward spiral of debt load and actually invest in HUMAN capital, not manufacturing machines.  It is Human Capital that is our future.  Investing in human capital creates a larger pool of the middle class with more expendable income and grows the economy and our communities.  But they only need a little help in getting out from under the strain of student loan debt to reach their full potential economically.

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