Pushing KY backward. Solar credits in jeopardy. HB-227

In yet another move to take our country and our KY ‘back’-ward. The house last week passed HB-227 which removes bill credits for consumer-based solar energy production. While this bill has not the impact of the pension “sewer” bill; it is just as detrimental to KY’s growth economically. @314action #kyga18

Passed by KY House and now in front of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee, this bill would stop energy bill credits to residents who install solar panels.  True, it gives those who install or have installed prior to July 2018 those credits through Dec 2043.  But it suppresses any and all development of solar panel installation for future consumers.

As pointed out by Rep Chris Harris in this article this bill is yet another example of how KY’s representatives are not about “free market” enterprise, but instead are deep under the “influence” of the KY-based utility companies.

This bill, if passed, takes directly from the pockets of our citizens, who choose to try and lower their costs and generate cleaner energy production.  Not too mention the environmental positives that come from clean energy production; and I would make the case that it is also in the national defense interest to do so, and get further away from foreign oil dependency.

Yet some of these legislators believe it is ‘they’ who are being taken advantage of.

Here is a link which shows how one such county, Grant, is taking ~$65,000,000 of our tax dollars to spend on road projects in their area, while Metro Louisville cannot get funding for a $32,000,000 widening of Gene Snyder that is desperately needed. KYDOT Projects

On your way home on I-64 at 5pm weekdays; remember how your taxes are paying for county’s like Grant county’s road construction, and how much they are quote, subsidizing, unquote, Metro Louisville.

It is Metro Louisville, (and certainly House District 36 taxes), that are helping to pay for road and infrastructure development in rural counties while leaders from those counties try and tell us how to spend our money.  They take our taxes, and then tell us we should be grateful for them taking our taxes. CJ Article 

While I agree that all in KY should pay our part to support infrastructure throughout the state; I object to having our taxes disproportionately taken when Metro Louisville has far more pressing needs.  For example:  In counties like Grant county that benefits from Frankfort taking 60% of Metro Louisville taxes to fund road projects in those rural districts; it is they who feel that they are the ones “subsidizing” Louisville and Lexington?

Louisville, especially, has traffic snarled roads, no investment in infrastructure or development; yet it is Metro Louisville that provides the tax money for most of the KY DOT road projects.


We in Metro Louisville, (the largest economic engine in the state), and Lexington will gladly keep our taxes and spend it on the roads, bridges, cleaner energy production and yes, even the Internet infrastructure that we need here.

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