HB6 is a huuuge tax payer gift to big banks

At a time when Banks are seeing huge returns over the last year (Bloomberg Info) in which they have grown faster than any other financial sector industry, and while KY struggles to find new revenue streams, HB6 in the General Assembly is a tax payer ‘give away’ of millions of your tax dollars. @kypolicy @louisvillegov #kyga18

Metro Louisville needs strong investment here in our roads, infrastructure, and yes, education.  We need investment in tax incentives to expand our community and grow the largest economic engine in the state by bringing higher paying jobs to the area.  When Frankfort is taking nearly 60% of Metro resident taxes and not investing here, why are Metro residents then providing funding for a bank “give away” of millions of dollars?

In typical largesse fashion of appeasement; there are NO guarantees that the communities that HB6 is supposed to help will in any way actually be realized.  (KCEP info article).  This administration and the current leadership has no clue how to run a business, and lacks all business acumen and savvy when it comes to good, smart and sound investment strategies for growth.  They are completely clueless.  And yet they continue to live off of the toil and effort of Metro Louisville and Lexington, which together with Northern KY provide a full 90% of the total tax revenue to the state.  Enough is enough.  That same $60 millions could be used to fund several of the many of our road projects that are current un-funded by this administration.

In addition, or alternative to the above, provide tax incentives to bring new, innovative and better high-paying jobs to KY.  We can do that through providing tax incentives as employee benefit pass-throughs to help pay down student loan debt, provide in-company child care, or even continuing education and training programs.  Things that will *attract* and retain the best talent we have to offer, and provide companies with REAL incentives to invest in our community.

We need REAL business acumen and REAL leaders in Frankfort.  People who know what to do, how to do it, and will get solid ROI for the taxpayer money in the form of growth, jobs, and an expanded middle and Professional Working Class.  When governments “invest”, communities “prosper”.

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