HB 247 undermines the America dream

Today, March 14th, typically know in ‘geek’ circles as PI day, and also the day we lost Stephen Hawking; House leaders take up a bill HB247 that is undermining the American dream for children to have a better life than the previous generation through greater educational opportunties

HB 247 is a bill which restricts how college students receiving KEES (Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship) grant money can spend it.  KCEP has published a good synopsis of this impact.

As a person who grew up from a single-mother home and no means to pay for college; only to finally get that degree and go on to be a very successful citizen in our community this goes against every core value of the American dream.

We need to make sure the best and brightest of our students have every chance they can to succeed and become extremely productive members of society.  Education is the key to our economic future.  It always has been.  And restricting how students can use money to fund their education puts yet another roadblock in their way to success.

Our athletes in our colleges are given full rides on their scholarships and are not restricted in how they use that for their education.  That includes having housing, certain apparel and even food provided for them.  And now there are debates about whether they should be paid.  How is that any different than academic scholarship students being penalized on how they can spend their grant money?

We need to make sure that all students have as much financial flexibility as possible to their long term success.

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