We need Servant Leaders in Frankfort

The single biggest failure by our current leadership in Frankfort, is that they do not understand or possibly accept Servant Leadership.  Servant Leadership is a proven business behavior and philosophy which all great company CEO’s and executives employ.  Inc Magazine posted research on this recently. <click here for article>

Servant Leadership is based on compassion, altruism and empathy for employees in your company.  The same must be applied to our elected leaders in Frankfort, and in all levels of government.

As former SouthWest Airlines CEO Colleen Barrett says, “Servant Leadership is love in action.”  And it should be noted that it was a ‘woman’ CEO who coined that catch phrase.  But it is also backed by top exec’s at UPS here in Louisville. As well as companies like Starbucks and WD-40 Company among others.  But it means as real Leaders we need to espouse compassion and empathy for those who we are elected to serve.

There is a difference between ‘managing’ and ‘leading’.   Leading is doing the right thing; managing is doing the expedient thing.  Some or our elected leaders may be good managers, but are not good leaders.  And some of our elected leaders in Frankfort have been failing at both.

The most successful companies practice this approach from the top-down.  And we should expect the same from our elected leaders.  And success is business is measured in “profits”.  (And, BTW, both Southwest Airlines and Starbucks are trading at nearly double their stock price from 5 years ago.)

So for those who think this is a ‘bleeding heart, liberal issue’, consider this: Of companies that have Servant Leaders, they make nearly 15% MORE in profits for shareholder value than their competitors.  In Government that can be stated as, ‘Contribution, not accumulation’.  Our elected leaders need to ‘contribute’ to our communities, not victimize or demonize some for the accumulation of others.

We can and should expect our elected leaders to be Servant Leaders in the vein of good business management.

To grow our communities, to truly provide for the common good, to move our state to greater prosperity, we need better Servant Leadership in Frankfort.

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