HB 227 pick-pockets taxes from Louisville & Lexington residents

Once again Metro Louisville is paying for road and infrastructure development in rural counties while leaders from those counties try and tell us how to spend our money.  They take our taxes, and then tell us we should be grateful for it. CJ Article

This time it is Grant county Rep. Brian Linder. In a county that benefits from Frankfort taking 60% of our taxes to fund road projects in Mr. Linder’s district; he feels that they are the ones “subsidizing” Louisville and Lexington.

If you are wondering what it is that Rep Linder is so upset about; it is that there are credits given by local utilities to future solar panel owners for any extra electricity they produce.  Rep. Linder, and the KY House Natural Resources and Energy Committee, wants to stop those energy bill credits to residents who install solar panels.

Yes, Rep. Linder, (and the House Energy Committee), is taking even more money from the citizens of Metro Louisville; this time directly from the pockets of our citizens, who choose to try and lower their costs and generate cleaner energy production.

Louisville, especially, has traffic snarled roads, no investment in infrastructure or development; yet it is Metro Louisville that provides the tax money for Grant county’s projects.

On your way home on I-64 at 5pm weekdays;  remember how your taxes are paying for Grant county road construction, and how much they are quote, subsidizing, unquote, Metro Louisville.

Here is another link which shows how Grant county is taking ~$65,000,000 of our tax dollars on road projects, while Metro Louisville cannot get funding for a $32,000,000 widening of Gene Snyder that is desperately needed. KYDOT Projects

Well, Mr. Linder.  You are now on notice.  That stops now!  We are going to ‘take back’ our taxes and invest in our community.  Come November, you can find ways to pay for all of Grant county’s road and bridge improvements from the residents of Grant county.  Your days of pick-pocketing the citizens of Metro Louisville and Lexington for your “pork barrel” projects will be coming to an end.

We in Metro Louisville, (the largest economic engine in the state), and Lexington will gladly keep our taxes and spend it on the roads, bridges, cleaner energy production and yes, even the Internet infrastructure that we need here.

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