Public Schools brought America forward

Public Schools brought America forward. The continued and sustained onslaught to public schools is really an attack on our history and Americana itself.
There was a time in America when we looked reflectively and even reverently on the 1-room-schoolhouse, staffed with a doggedly determined “school marm”, who with care, grace and charm would educate children entrusted to her, and help them find greater paths of opportunity and prosperity for, and in, the communities in which they all lived.
As the linked op-ed article correctly points out, there is a war being waged to undermine the very fabric of Americana that helped make our country, our state and our community great. Public education.
America is built, (literally), with the knowledge of generations past who were educated in the school houses, primary schools, secondary schools and universities of this great country.
When we undercut that, when we begin demonizing teachers, questioning education, and science, we hold back if not even destroy the very spark of ingenuity, imagination and innovation that built our nation, defined our democracy and fueled one of the greatest societies this world has ever known.
Knowledge is power. Knowledge is enlightenment. Knowledge is freedom. These are what Americans aspire to. Some find those concepts frightening and even dangerous, because through them change happens. And, change can be scary. But without change, progress cannot happen.
For our communities, we must have a strong public education system. We must invest in education and in our children. Through that investment we will have an educational system that promotes not just ideas, but ideals that build our communities and our society and leave as a legacy a brighter future for generations which we may never see.
If we do not do this, then our futures may look as empty as the picture of the 1-room-schoolhouse below.
We owe it to our teachers, our children, and future generations.

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