Louisville should stop bankrolling the state

Metro Louisville is tired of our taxes being seized by the likes of Marion Co. Rep Bechler, who turns around and declares war on Louisville and tells us how we should live and work. (click here for additional info)

For decades now, Louisville has been being used by Frankfort to pay for “pork barrel” projects out in the state, while for every dollar we send to Frankfort, we only get at most about 45 Cents back in investment in our community.  Your taxes pay for their roads and infrastructure, yet we continue to have unfunded road projects leaving us with traffic clogged highways and side streets and out of date utility infrastructure.

Then to add insult to this, these same people who would bleed us dry of needed infrastructure investment turn around and dictate to us how to live, work and operate our communities.  That stops now.

If the current Metro leaders in Frankfort are unable, incapable or too weak to stand up to those who would take our taxes, then there should be a change in leadership for those who will fight for Metro Louisville; the biggest economic driver this state has.  This state’s rural areas depend on Louisville’s money, yet does little to support us in investment in our infrastructure, community and economic growth.

We deserve more, and we need new leadership to grow.

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