Growth through new revenue answer for education

I have said many times, you cannot cut your way to profitability.  Every good entrepreneur knows that.  Yet in another attack by parsimonious GOP leaders on education; colleges and universities are looking at budget cuts that will continue to erode the ability of KY citizens to find good high paying jobs and undermine our ability to attract companies that need that talent. (click here for info on college budget cuts).

The GOP led Administration, Senate and House have sold the future of our Commonwealth out through having no idea how good businesses are run even though they lay claim to that.  They claim to want to run government like a business, and yet if this were a business, they are driving it into extinction.

We must go after new sources of revenue to grow.  No company in the history of the world has ever survived by cutting, cutting, cutting expenses.  You grow by investment.  Apparently, this Administration and the current GOP led state congress failed those business classes.

There is money that we are literally leaving on the table; in the form of expanded gambling, medical marijuana, increased hemp production for export, and yes, we should even at least discuss recreational marijuana; because of some small-minded ideology.

Using those types of new consumption-based revenue streams we can grow our communities, fund our roads, provide tax incentives to pay down student debt, fix our pension systems, and yes, invest in our colleges and universities.

The problem is, we do not have the right leaders who are imaginative, bold, and forward-thinking.

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