Constituents sharing concerns is not spam

With the ongoing debate about the pension unfunded liability and this administrations misguided and misdirected approach to solving the issue; is it any wonder that people have serious concerns about the solution being presented?  I do not think so.  And for this administration to consider that the concerns of the citizens are nothing more than spam email or predetermined, (ie. ‘canned’) responses seems the utmost in being tone deaf.

It is the duty and role of our representatives to listen to those issues.  It is not a requirement by our elected representatives to agree or disagree with those concerns, that is what the role of government debate is for. I am fine with a representative saying, “I hear you; I just disagree”, and then provide reasons why. However, without at least hearing those issues, or immediately dismissing that input outright as ‘unwanted solicitation’,(which is the definition of the word ‘spam’), is disrespectful at the least.

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