Net Neutrality Repeal Stifles Competition and costs you more money

If you subscribe to Netflix, you already have seen the impact to the repeal of Net Neutrality.  Your bill just went up in price!  And get ready to pay premium prices if you want 4K TV content.

With the Trump FCC administration’s decision to repeal Net Neutrality; Comcast and Verizon will soon be free to block any content they choose, slow video-streaming services from rivals, and offer priority service to partners who pay more.  Which, means you are going to be paying more for Netflix, HuLu and other media services.  In fact, Netflix has already increased it’s monthly price, as of December 1st 2017.

With AT&T through its DirecTV Now, and Verizon’s Go90 service, you would be paying monthly charges for those services just like you used to pay for cable TV service, where you are locked into those packages and have no other options unless you pay premium extended prices for them; and they can continue to ratchet up your costs for those services unless you actively get them to change it.  Some people could even be facing up to an additional $50 per month for over-limit data caps.  Like the customers of Comcast in 28 states where they have a 1 terabyte data cap, including residents in Kentucky.

Adding to this, the FCC has decided to also draft rules that will not allow states to pass any laws at the state level which would have the same effect of a net neutrality rule.

How can the GOP continue to claim to “leave the decisions to the states”, and to claim they believe in supply-side economics, when they continue to take away states rights and limit and harm competition?

This hypocrisy is at the heart of every decision they are making.  That they do not believe in an open market economy where no barriers exist to consumer choices.  Instead they participate in “cronyism” to the detriment of consumer, (meaning your), choices.


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