Fisherville High-speed Internet Solution

While most of Louisville Metro benefits and has the luxury of high-speed internet services; our residents in the Fisherville & Floyds Fork area still only have dial-up style DSL service or spotty cell service, which hurts them both economically, academically for their children, and even their quality of life.

There is a solution for this area which we can look to supply, which is both cost effective and has the advantage of being very environmentally friendly as it needs less infrastructure to support it.  This solution is lower cost than trenching, or aerial (i.e. telephone pole), installation, is reliable and has the advantage of not needing Line-of-sight (LOS), to work.  That solution is called TV White Space (TVWS) wireless technology.

Without going into too many technical details, the premise is that it uses the former UHF wavelengths that TV stations used to use to provide broadcast TV signals.

This solution solves what is called the ‘last mile dilemma’ where the digging of trenches for fiber, or erecting telephone poles can damaging to the environment, aesthetically unappealing, and upsetting or detrimental to the life style or quality of life for people in the area.

Like other initiatives we need new consumption based revenue streams to support it, so that we can provide tax incentives for companies to bring this technology here.  And through planned economic development and growth we can solve our community needs without harming the natural beauty of this part of Metro Louisville.


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