Teachers – The Fuel of the Future

Growing up in the time of history that I did, Teachers were viewed with respect and honor.  When did this change?  When did the people we entrust with our most precious resource and the future of our communities become “the enemy”?

Teachers should be held on par, if not higher, in our respect and esteem as we do all of our other public servants; like Police, Fire and EMS.  And we should do so, if for no other reason than where do you think the next generation of Police, Fire and EMS becomes trained and educated if it were not for Teachers?

If it were not for a Teacher I would not be as successful as I have been in my life.  It was a very small act by a Teacher who told me at a very impressionable age, that he believed in me.  That I could be successful, that I could be all that I aspired to be.  Not just professionally in my career, but as a person and as a citizen.  For that small act alone I am eternally grateful.

Teachers look to and provide for all of our futures and fuel the minds of our children to reach beyond themselves for greater success.

We must use every means possible to provide for their retirement as it is the least we can do for them as repayment for their service and their support of our children and our future.  And I agree with, and support the KEA in keeping the contractual obligation to provide for them.

I have ideas and we do have the ability to pay for their retirement through expanded revenue streams without raising taxes or cutting core services.  Here is but one from a previous post: CLICK-HERE

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