Bridging the Skills Gap in Kentucky

We can solve two problems with a single approach.  The first of the two problems is that too many of our best and brightest talent are over-burdened with a life-long debt from student loans to get their college degrees.  The second is that companies continue to complain they cannot find, nor retain, the talent needed to fill all of their high skill jobs available.

By using new and innovative sources of revenue; we can provide tax incentives to companies as an “employee benefit” program where we will help pay for student loan debt!  YES.  We can generate revenue to help pay for the large student loan debt burden on the next generation.  Companies staying or locating here can use that as an incredible recruiting and retention tool in attracting the best and brightest to stay or relocate to our community.  Helping the next generation of business leaders GROWS our economy, provides higher paying jobs, and an increasing tax base.  All while providing the helping hand that highly skilled workers need as they develop their careers.  We just need the right leadership in place to go after those revenue streams.  We CAN do this!


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