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Meet Jeff

Jeff is a 4th generation Louisvillian.  He was raised by his single mother who earned her R.N. certification while raising two children and maintaining a household. Her example of hard work and dedication is what motivates Jeff to do more for single mothers.

Jeff holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Louisville, and a Masters of Business (MBA) degree from Bellarmine University. He was selected for induction into the Beta Gamma Sigma Society.  Jeff has had a 35-year career as an Information Technology and Computer Systems engineer. He also holds a copyright to an open source software that he freely gave to the State of Kentucky to help with infectious disease reporting.

Jeff’s wife Robin has recently lost her mother and her only brother to colon cancer and Lymphoma.  Together they have supported the Leukemia/Lymphoma foundation, a small autism charity, the ASPCA, as well as the KY Humane Society.  Jeff supports those who have trouble finding their voice, autistic children; and those who have no voice at all, our pets and companion animals.




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